1. Aaron Moritz is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Infinit Yes. The Infinit Yes is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Department Of Perpetual Evolution (DOPEprojects: giving a fuck since 1999).

2. Plagiarism

3. The Infinit Yes is beauty so intense you can only glimpse a reflection. It is a positive source that underlines our very human ability to find the beauty in all truth, good or bad.

4. The Infinit Yes is deeply rooted in both reality and hopeful problem solving. In other words, The Infinit Yes ignores none of our current cultural deficiencies, as negative as they may be, but it recognizes humanities inherent ingenuity, and projects past trends into a brighter future. One that is possible, but not assured. So I read, I write, I watch, I create… I share my closest approximation of The Infinit Yes, filtered by my perpetual humanity. This is MY closest approximation of the truth, of the beautiful and the ugly, and of myself.

5. The Infinit Yes am in full support of, but claims no support from, The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project. I also support (to varying degrees) various other causes, listed in the ‘Explore The Internet’ section under ‘progressive projects’.

6. I’m kinda in debt so if anybody has any paid web design, graphic design, or video creation work please feel free to contact me. Contact me for collaborations too. I always like to work together with people on projects.

7. My contact info. Email: aaron@theinfinityes.com.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theinfinityes